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Hello world! My new tech blog and why you should follow it.

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Who I am

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my tech blog, i am really excited to finally get started with it after maxing out my level of procrastination over the last couple of years.
So before i explain what this blog is going to be about and why you should follow it, i want to give you a brief idea about who i am and what i do.
My name is Dennis and i'm a senior fullstack developer based in Germany. I love coffee and cake, am a passionate gamer and love to cook or go eating in my free time.
As i'm guessing many of you are as well, i have been interested in technology and programming all my life.

What I do

As of recent i became a freelancer. Now while this is most certainly a somewhat scary step for me, being used to

german worker protection laws
, i am super excited to become my own boss and to use this opportunity to learn many more things about development.

Now, i came from a backend background; you know the typical java spring backends serving ugly and cluttered frontend abominations? Yep, exactly these. Over the course of my career, the technologies that i worked with started to shift; first to building backends and microservices using Node.js and then gradually moving towards JavaScript based frontend technologies like React, Angular and Vue. This move towards JavaScript (and boy was i skeptical in the beginning) really opened my eyes to the usability, versatility and just pure awesomeness of having the same language and the same ecosystem both in frontend and the backend. In my opinion JAMstack is amazing and will never go away, but more on that in another blog post.

What this blog is about

So, what is this blog about and why should you follow it? I mean, there are so many tech blogs out there. In my blog i want to write about my encounters with technology, guides and findings, share accomplishments and failures, lessons learned and just bring you along my journey as a freelance developer

Why you should follow it

In this blog i will try to be as honest as possible about any life lessons that i learned, even about the embarrassing ones.
There are many things on my roadmap that i want to write about. For example:

  • How i built this website
  • Developing and deploying JAMStack websites
  • Using Netlify forms (you might have seen it on this website, and i actually had some troubles setting it up)
  • Setting up both headless CMS and MDX based blogs
  • ...and probably, possibly, maybe some posts about some publicly built product i will work on

I think whether you like ANY creative content is always highly dependant on the person.
If you like my style of writing and you like the topics above, then you should follow me.
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That's all. I hope you liked my post and will follow me for future posts!